Sunday, December 7, 2014

I'm So Excited I Just Can't Hide It

So I've been in this situation before and I HATE it. I'm getting too excited over a girl.

I've had enough dating experiences to know what has worked and what hasn't. Getting too excited hasn't. I feel I'm repeating. Sure it's ok to be excited that a date went well, but I can't stop thinking about how well it went and  also doing that thing where you start fantasizing all kinds of scenarios of dates to come. Do other people do this or am I just crazy?

I'm trying to not think about it and really not make it a big deal. We met once, had fun chatting and kissed.  It's normal and doesn't mean anything per se, it's possible there won't be a second date. She could change her mind or have just been playing up the fact she liked me but didn't. A million things could happen.

Well, one thing did happen. She asked me out again.

I had waited 2 days to text her. I had the intention of asking her myself. I had decided judging by her busy schedule (Friday was her only day off) and by the fact I would probably be tired myself from my busy week, I wanted to suggest that I cook us dinner and watch Netflix rather than go out.

I was worried she would feel uncomfortable to do that since we just met and I'm already inviting her over. Is dinner and a movie at home a normal 2nd date? I just didn't want her to think all I want to do is jump in her pants.

When she beat me to it and confirmed she wanted to meet Friday, I sneakily gave her 2 options: 1. Go out to a show that sounds interesting. 2. Stay in, let me cook and watch a movie.

She warned me she's really indecisive when it comes to picking things for a date. I tried my best to causally say how option 2 sounds better (when really that's all I really wanted to do) still with the worry of her rejecting the whole idea.

Again she surprised me and said yes to that.


If I was going crazy before I think now I'm completely insane. I'm trying really hard not to think about it but it's tough. And this is where I get upset about myself. If I over think things I know I can never enjoy them because I'm building too much hype. It's like Star Wars episode 1. So much hype and anticipation, such a terrible movie.

Anyways, I just need to get through today and tomorrow without having a nervous breakdown and I think I'll be ok. I just wish I could be casual about these things than get too excited like that kid in the YouTube video when he finds out he got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. I'm 33, so I should stop acting like I'm 12.

Well here's to the two longest days ever.

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stephanie said...

Don't know... why should you be casual?
You're already pretending and you haven't even started a relationship yet.

Why not tell her that you're really excited?
It can take away some of the pressure for you and may be a big compliment for her... no?